Hill Card Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no minimum deposit required to open an account.  Balances roll over each semester/year while you are a student at Hamilton College.
  2. The Hill Card is not a cash card.  Money cannot be advanced against the prepaid accounts, and no money will be shifted from one account to another without written authorization from the original depositor of the funds. 
  3. Hill Card accounts will be closed upon graduation or when one leaves or withdraws from the College.  If the account is greater than $1.00, the balance will be refunded (less any financial obligations to the College) by the Business Office no later than July 1 after graduation.  Hill Card account questions should be directed to Amber Denny, 315-859-4974, or email hillcard@hamilton.edu.

eAccounts privacy disclaimer

Hamilton College uses a third-party service provider, Transact Inc., to enable you to make secure online deposits of funds to your Hill Card account.  Should you choose to use this service, any financial information (credit card or banking information) you provide to Transact for this purpose is not shared with Hamilton College.  Transact shares limited personal information with Hamilton in connection with this service. Specifically, your first and last name, student ID number, and email address which Hamilton needs to link the deposits to the actual Hill Card account. 

Hamilton College also uses Transact, Inc. as a provider of other services.  The sharing of information, if any, in connection with those services is governed by the terms and conditions applicable to them, not by the terms and conditions stated above.

Lost/Stolen Hill Card

Cardholders are responsible for all charges made on a lost/stolen Hill Card until they have frozen their card online or have notified the Hill Card office that the card is lost/stolen. 


For questions about your Hill Card, call 315-859-4271 or 315-859-4974.


Office / Department Name

Hill Card Office

Contact Name

Amber Denny

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