Terms and Conditions

Hill Card Terms and Conditions

  1. There is no minimum deposit required to open an account. Balances roll over each semester/year while you are a student at Hamilton College.
  2. The Hill Card is not a cash card. Money cannot be advanced against the prepaid accounts, and no money will be shifted from one account to another without written authorization from the original depositor of the funds. 
  3. Hill Card accounts may be closed (less any financial obligations to the College) either by exhausting the funds or upon receipt of documentation that the student is leaving the College.  Graduating students or students leaving the College are encouraged to close out their accounts no later than June 30 of their last year at the College. Funds remaining in graduated student accounts will be refunded in full (less any financial obligations to the College) by the Business Office no later than 120 days after graduation.
  4. Students who close their accounts  early while they are still matriculated at the college will be charged a closure fee of $20.00.
  5. Requests to close a Hill Card account should be directed to Amber Denny, 315-859-4974 or email hillcard@hamilton.edu .

Lost/Stolen Hill Card

Cardholders are responsible for all charges made to a lost/stolen Hill Card until they have frozen their card online or have notified the Hill Card office that the card is lost/stolen. 


For questions about your Hill Card, call Auxiliary Services (Hill Card office) at 315-859-4372.

Contact Information

Dannelle Parker

Hill Card Office
Bristol Center
315-859-4372 315-859-4300 dparker@hamilton.edu
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