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Live, work, and learn in one of the world’s premier cities of commerce and culture with other Hamilton students who are eager to expand their understanding of others and the world. Hamilton in New York City combines an internship, an academic experience, and experiential learning opportunities that encompass a wide range of perspectives on New York as a classroom.
Currently accepting applications for the Fall 2023 program.


About the Program

While most fall semester programs are designed for economics concentrators, spring semester programs are open to students from many concentrations and credit in them depends on resident directors' departments or academic programs, and their NYC program themes. In most spring semesters, students pursuing any concentration can apply. To determine what programs or departments students can transfer credits in to count for the concentration, check the semester's dedicated web page.

New York City Program students spend four days a week as interns in a firm or organization for one credit. They attend weekly seminars one morning and evening for two credits and complete an independent project for one credit. Typically, an independent project, a seminar, or both may receive concentration credit in the discipline or program of the director.

Special arrangements for receiving concentration credit may be possible between the New York City Program and the department or program for a student's concentration.

Admission and Eligibility

Upcoming Semester Programs

Fall 2023

  • International Trade and Globalization
  • Director: Jeffrey Pliskin, Associate Professor of Economics 
  • Email:
  • Applications: Open

Spring 2024

  • Everyone Eats:  Food Culture, Security, Sustainability, and Media in New York City 
  • Director: Naomi Guttman, Professor of Literature and Creative Writing
  • Email:

Recent Internship Opportunities

Thanks to Hamilton alumni, parents, and other supporters, there is a growing list of sponsors for Hamilton’s New York City Program students. Program participants have recently interned at firms, organizations, and institutions such as:

  • Morgan Stanley-Millman Group
  • Sierra Club
  • Empire State Development Corporation
  • City Growers
  • New York Lawyers in the Public Interest
  • ABC News
  • Futures Ignite
  • Mott Haven Fridge
  • James Cohan Gallery
  • Bolt Financial Inc. 
  • Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory
  • New York Bay Capital
  • Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group
  • Center Pixel
  • Epicenter NYC

A Network of Support

A faculty member serves as an on-site program director who teaches the seminars, leads a variety of experiential learning field trips, and serves as the central resource for students as they navigate life in New York City. 

Hamilton has a large contingent of alumni located in and around the Big Apple, and they take every opportunity to get to know students in the program. In addition to hosting internships, alumni sponsor a variety of events and gatherings each semester, including nights at the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic.


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Karen Boots

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