Thanks to Hamilton alumni, parents, and other supporters, there is a growing list of sponsors for Hamilton’s New York City Program students.

Program participants have recently interned at firms, organizations, and institutions such as:

  • Morgan Stanley-Millman Group
  • Sierra Club
  • Empire State Development Corporation
  • City Growers
  • New York Lawyers in the Public Interest
  • ABC News
  • Futures Ignite
  • Mott Haven Fridge
  • James Cohan Gallery
  • Bolt Financial Inc. 
  • Elizabeth Sadoff Art Advisory
  • New York Bay Capital
  • Weinstein Carnegie Philanthropic Group
  • Center Pixel
  • Epicenter NYC
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Housing Justice for All 
  • Hotel and Trades Council
  • Start Lighthouse
  • Accompany Capital
  • New York County Defender
  • Museum of  Chinese in America
  • Patterson Balknap Webb & Tyler
  • ID Studio Theater


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Maddie Carrera

Director of Experiential Learning

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