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    In 1980, the family of long-time public servant Arthur Levitt established the center in his honor.

    Levitt Center 40th Anniversary
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    Apply now for the spring term Justice Lab! Topic: Immigration and Asylum: Local and Global

At the Levitt Center, students combine academic knowledge with practical skills as they engage in public affairs through research, field studies, community-engaged classes, lectures, discussions, and practice. Learn more about our programs and how they will help you develop the important qualities of a “changemaker” — creativity, understanding, self-awareness, and empathy.

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Levitt research grants provide funding for students and faculty to conduct collaborative research. 

Community Engagement

Our community-engaged learning opportunities help students understand the needs and circumstances of others and to work ethically with them.

Transformational Leadership

Our transformational leadership programming works to develop self-awareness as a tool to confront challenges. It nurtures transformational leaders who follow ethical principles, inspire others and use creativity and innovation to implement change.

Social Innovation

Our social innovation initiatives introduce students to the ideation and creative problem-solving processes, and they nurture creative solutions to social problems with financial and mentoring support.

Sample Projects

Mexico-U.S. border

Authority in the Borderlands is Students’ Levitt Research Topic

Who do people turn to for help? Many turn to family, close friends, or sometimes, they may even seek out state authorities. But what happens when these options are no longer available—when you have left behind your families and friends, and state authorities will sooner detain you than offer you help? This is the reality for thousands of migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border, and the driving question to Nick Cackett’s ’24 and Quinn Jones’ 23 summer research projects.

Shania Kuo ’23

Kuo ’23 Takes on Dual Summer Research Projects at Stanford

The United States is facing an unprecedented housing crisis, the effects of which are devastating to low-income renters. With rising rental costs, residents must choose between their homes and other aspects of their life. This reality speaks to the expanding definition of displacement, an important component of Shania Kuo’s ’23 summer research at Stanford.

John Myles ’24

Myles ’24 Tracks Threats to Alaska Shorebirds in Levitt Research Project

John Myles ’24 has now spent two summers in Utqiagvik, Alaska, a small city in northern Alaska with a dense and unique shorebird population. As part of a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service research team, he searched for shorebird nests, monitored chick hatches, and tagged adult birds.

Alan Zhao '23

Zhao ’23 Testing Theory About Rent Control Programs in Levitt Project

Many economists agree: like any form of price control, rent control programs are a bad idea. But Alan Zhao ’23 is not like most economists.


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