Who We Are

Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center is to strengthen and support the study of public affairs at Hamilton College.

The goals of the center are:

  • To enable students to engage in public affairs through research, service-learning, lectures, discussion, and practice.
  • To foster creative, ethical, and informed responses to public issues by providing opportunities for students to engage with the local community, develop leadership skills, and explore careers in public service.
  • To support interdisciplinary collaboration and discussion; and to encourage faculty to address public affairs in their own research and in collaborative research with Hamilton students.


Marianne Janack

Marianne Janack

Director and Professor of Philosophy
mjanack@hamilton.edu 315-859-4127

Marianne is generally in the Levitt Center on Mondays from 3-4:30 p.m. in Kirner-Johnson 251E, though it is best to email her to make an appointment. You can also generally find her in the Philosophy Department (201 College Hill Road), first floor, on Fridays from 1-3.

Christina Willemsen

Christina Willemsen

Associate Director
cwillems@hamilton.edu 315-859-4810

Chris is available to talk about all aspects of Levitt Center programming, including student and faculty research, social innovation programming, leadership programs and potential new opportunities and collaborations with other offices, faculty, staff or students. You can schedule an appointment online, or contact her by email or phone. Her office is in the Levitt Center, Kirner-Johnson 251C.

Sharon Topi

Sharon Topi

Leadership Programs Coordinator
stopi@hamilton.edu 315-859-4451

Sharon is available to talk about the Levitt Center’s Leadership and Innovation programming, as well as summer research and internship opportunities, speakers and workshops and other ways students might get involved in Levitt Center programming. You can schedule an appointment online, or contact her by email or phone. Her office is in the Levitt Center, Kirner-Johnson 251B.

Joel Winkelman

Joel Winkelman

Community Based Learning Coordinator
jwinkelm@hamilton.edu 315-859-4984

Joel is available to talk about the Levitt Center’s Project SHINE, VITA and other venues for student and faculty civic engagement. You can schedule an appointment online, or contact him by email or phone. His office in the Levitt Center, Kirner-Johnson 251D.

Sebastian Lissarrague

Sebastian Lissarrague

Community Service Intern

As the Levitt Center Community Service Intern, Sebastian knows the ins and out of Project SHINE and VITA. Sebastian can also help you brainstorm social innovation project ideas. You can reach him at slissarr@hamilton.edu.

Levitt Council

  • Marianne Janack, Director of the Levitt Center; Professor of Philosophy

  • Frank Anechiarico, Director of Justice and Security Program; the Maynard-Knox Professor of Government

  • John Bartle, Director of Inequality and Equity Program; Associate Professor of Russian Studies

  • Steve Ellingson, Professor of Sociology

  • Herm Lehman, Director of Public Health and Well-Being Program; Professor of Biology

  • Ashley Bohrer, the Truax Post-Doctoral Fellow in Philosophy

  • Celeste Day Moore, Assistant Professor of History

  • Tina Hall, Associate Professor of Literature and Creative Writing

  • Robert Knight, Assistant Professor of Art

  • Chaise LaDousa, Professor of Anthropology

  • Todd Rayne, Director of Sustainability Program;  J.W. Johnson Family Professor of Environmental Studies

  • Steve Wu, Professor of Economics

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