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Based on nearly two years of fieldwork in Shanghai, China, Julie Starr's dissertation is a comparative analysis of the ways in which Chinese and Western women living in Shanghai conceptualized, moralized and pursued better bodies in their daily lives. She has a doctorate from the University of Virginia, where she earned a master’s degree in anthropology in 2010. Starr also holds a B.S. in mathematics, a B.A. in comparative studies and a master’s degree in Chinese from Ohio State University. She will teach introductory courses to cultural anthropology as well as courses focused on the anthropology of China, food, race, consumer culture and the body.

Recent Courses Taught

Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology of China
Anthropology of Food
Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality in China

Select Publications and Presentations

  • "Gender roles and Identity" Talk presented at the China Dialogue Dinner, University of Virginia, March 18, 2015
  • "Speaking directly, Undermining Intimacy in Shanghai: Problems with 'Clear Communication' during fieldwork" Talk presented at the Annual Meeting of the Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies, January 17, 2015
  • "Conducting Fieldwork in Shanghai: Cultivating and Maintaining Relationships in an Urban Context" Talk presented at a Department Workshop on Fieldwork, Ethics, and Ethnographic Writing, University of Virginia, October 8, 2013
  • "Communicating Intent, Undermining Intimacy: Consequences of Culturally Biased Research Ethics in Shanghai, China" Anthropology News, September 2013
  • "Anthropological Research Methods," Guest lecture, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, October 10, 2012
  • "Cultivating Ideal Bodies and Lives in Contemporary Shanghai" Talk presented at East China Normal University lecture series, Shanghai, China, May 16,2012
  • "Han Othering, Othering the Han" Talk presented at Moving Margins: Strategies and Meanings Graduate Student Round Table, November 19, 2009, University of Virginia
  • "One World: Different Ways" Published in V Ke, Volume 2, October 2009

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Educational Background

Ph.D., University of Virginia
M.A., University of Virginia
M.A., Ohio State University
B.A., Ohio State University
B.S., Ohio State University

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