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  • Join us for a Levitt Lunch Talk "Science and Politics of Pandemics" with Bill Wright.

    RSVP for lunch here. (There is limited seating so we will only be allowing the first 20 RSVP's to attend, with priority going to students- the first 20 will be notified Tuesday morning if they've been selected to attend.)

    When  12:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 28
    Where  Levitt Center Conference Room, Kirner-Johnson Building (KJ), Map #14
  • Join us for a Levitt Lunch Talk with Joel Martinsson.

    The Ethics of Politics: Why Politicians (Probably) Would Not Push You in Front of the Trolley. RSVP for lunch here.

    When  12:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 29
    Where  Sadove Student Center Bradford Conference Room, Map #17
  • Sarah Nahar (Syracuse University) presents "Dealing with our crap: Who does, who doesn't, why and what's next?"

    Through the lens of dealing with actual crap -- as in human poop -- Nahar will examine the ways that unequal power relations in the U.S., "a flush and forget society," negatively impacts downstream people, water, plants and animals. Luckily, initiatives in ecological sanitation are reclaiming our discarded resources as a key part of the regenerative economy. Many feminists, public health innovators, and environmental engineers are...

    When  4:15 p.m. Monday, April 3
    Where  Kirner-Johnson (KJ) 127 Red Pit, Map #14
    Open to Off Campus Guests
  • "From Rhetoric to Reality: Green Amendments as a New Path for Environmental Protection" with author and founder of Green Amendments for The Generations Maya van Rossum 

    For decades, communities have relied on Federal and State laws to ensure protection of a clean environment. And for decades, while achieving some important successes in environmental protection, overall the health of our environment for present and future generations has continued to degrade from a growing number of sources. The t...

    When  4:15 p.m. Monday, April 17
    Where  Kirner-Johnson (KJ) 127 Red Pit, Map #14
    Open to Off Campus Guests
  • “Regulatory Visions and the State in E. Asia: The Irrational Investor Problem in the Comparative Politics of Finance” with John Yasuda, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University.

    Despite the marked transformation in E. Asia’s financial systems, regulators continue to employ hard paternalistic approaches to their stock markets that are viewed as counterproductive to their development. In contrast to explanations centered on fleetfooted capital, e...

    When  4:00 p.m. Thursday, April 20
    Where  Kirner-Johnson (KJ) 101, Map #14


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