Our research grants and curricular support create opportunities for academic study and deep understanding of the complexity of social problems, the constraints of action and possibilities for change.

Summer Research Fellows

Research fellowships provide financial support and guidance for students and faculty to design and conduct collaborative summer research that addresses and fosters understanding of persistent social problems.

Summer Research Groups

Research group grants provide funding for groups of students and faculty to conduct collaborative summer research. Student research groups have investigated topics such as religious spaces, mass media and lead exposure.

Speaker Series & Programs

The Levitt Center focuses on four areas of scholarship through our lectures and other programming: inequality and equity; justice and security; sustainability; and public health and well-being. By narrowing our focus on these four subjects, we hope to address them in meaningful ways throughout the year.

Public Opinion Polls

Students conduct polls and pilot surveys under the guidance of a faculty member. The more recent final polls were conducted by Knowledge Networks; Zogby International conducted earlier polls.

After my sophomore year, I was awarded a grant to cover the expenses of an unpaid internship at the National Women’s Law Center, which inspired my career advocating for gender equity and racial justice. I later worked as a program assistant for Project SHINE, giving back to the Levitt Center. Since graduating, I earned a master’s in gender studies from the London School of Economics and have been steeped in the nonprofit sector advocating for social justice in a variety of areas.

Carolyn Kossow ’17 Carolyn Kossow ’17


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Levitt Center

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Levitt Center

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