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Levitt Leadership Institute

The Levitt Leadership Institute is a two-week intensive leadership training program. Its mission is to help students recognize, develop and practice the kinds of leadership skills that are essential for creating personal and societal change.

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About the Institute

During its first week, the Levitt Leadership Institute takes place on Hamilton’s campus. Participants learn about their own skills and attitudes as they listen to and work with diverse leaders, subject matter experts, and practitioners. Discussions and exercises that develop transformational leadership skills include practice in areas that include: active listening, influencing without authority, social change, and interviewing skills, and collaborative action. After the first week of shared training and practice, students will have the opportunity to select from their next leadership experience in either Washington, D.C., or at the Highlander Center for Research and Education. Both Week 2 experiences take place as part of for-credit courses.  

Students pursuing the Highlander track will spend the second week of spring break engaging in grassroots organizing and movement building. The Highlander Center works with people fighting for justice, equality, and sustainability, supporting their efforts to take collective action to shape their own destiny. 

Students pursuing the Washington, D.C., track will spend the first week of spring break engaging with and interviewing leaders in public service, government, non-governmental agencies and other organizations. Beginning with pivotal D.C. experiences that highlight historical views on leadership in distinct socio-cultural settings, the week is filled with interviews and interactions that amplify the need for informed, proactive and transformational leaders.

The Levitt Leadership Institute staff includes practitioners and subject matter experts.


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