Our social innovation initiatives work to prepare and support students to address persistent social problems. Programs such as the social innovation fellows, innovation roundtables, and the Levitt Center Social Innovation Lab draw together individuals to work to foster creativity and self-awareness to develop novel solutions.

Social Innovation Fellows

The Social Innovation Fellows program is designed to prepare and support students who aim to use innovative approaches to address persistent social problems. The program begins with a weekend-long workshop during spring break facilitated by Anke Wessels and modeled after an award-winning course she teaches at Cornell University. After the initial workshop, students may choose to join an innovation fellows cohort, participate in additional training, and apply for funding. 

Innovation Workshops

Social innovation workshops provide opportunities for students to develop the skills and gain the knowledge they need to make a positive impact on their community. The Levitt Center hosts workshops on topics as varied as ethics, institutional change and entrepreneurship.

Innovator-in-Residence Program

At different times throughout the year, social innovators and entrepreneurs will be available on campus to help students develop ideas and projects that seek to address a long-standing social problem in innovative and creative ways. The innovator-in-residence will be available to meet with individuals or groups during office hours and will offer one or multiple workshops.


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