Our social innovation initiative works to prepare and support students to address persistent social problems. 

Social Innovation Fellows

The Social Innovation Fellows program is designed to prepare and support students who aim to use innovative approaches to address persistent social problems. The program begins with a weekend-long workshop during spring break facilitated by Anke Wessels and modeled after an award-winning course she teaches at Cornell University. After the initial workshop, students may choose to join an innovation fellows cohort, participate in additional training, and apply for funding. 

Faculty Innovation Projects

The Levitt Faculty Innovation Fund supports faculty-initiated work that engages with contemporary social and political issues. Preference is given to proposals: 

  • with a clearly articulated connection between theory and practice
  • with an interdisciplinary approach
  • that do not qualify for other available funding opportunities on campus 

Innovation projects may occur during the academic year or over the summer and are open to all faculty members holding at least a 3/5 teaching appointment. Possible projects include building partnerships with off-campus colleagues and organizations, hosting conferences and creating networks, developing or supporting an academic or public interest journal, conducting research producing non-traditional outcomes (i.e., not an academic paper or other traditional equivalents), social innovation projects, and interdisciplinary research with academic or non-academic partners. 


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