Multilingual support is available to help students develop their writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and reading skills to confidently communicate at Hamilton and beyond. “Multilingual” encompasses a broad range of students, including students with a first language other than English, heritage speakers of other languages, and students who speak marginalized dialects of English. Our goal is to build students' confidence and knowledge in academic communication while instilling the value of linguistic diversity and multilingualism in students and the greater Hamilton community.

Student Resources

  • Hamilton’s Multilingual Specialist, Laura, is a general resource for any questions and concerns you have around communication and being multilingual at Hamilton. They can work with you on speaking and writing assignments, building academic communication skills, and answer any questions you have around language and communication. You can make an appointment by emailing them at lwidman@hamilton.edu. 

    Peer Tutors in both the Writing Center and Oral Communication Center acknowledge all students’ linguistic backgrounds and experiences with academic communication, and many of our tutors are multilingual themselves. You can make an appointment with these tutors on TracCloud

    We have a large number of writing resources that explain different writing styles and disciplines, as well as the basics of essay writing and grammar knowledge.

Faculty Resources

If you would like to learn more about supporting the multilingual students in your class, email Multilingual Specialist Laura Widman at lwidman@hamilton.edu. We have also created resources to address commonly asked questions. 


If you have a multilingual student in your class who you would like to refer for writing, speaking, listening, and/or reading support, you may do so through Compass, or email Laura Widman and cc your referred student.


Contact Name

Laura Widman

Multilingual Specialist

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