The Oral Communication Center’s mission is to support Hamilton’s “Communication and Expression” educational goal by developing students’ abilities to express themselves with clarity and eloquence in a variety of modalities.
This mission is realized through: (1) personalized peer tutoring, which is available for every Hamilton student, for every course and every oral communication assignment, and for any co-curricular purposes; (2) sponsored events and activities open to the campus community and focused on communication such as the Public Speaking Competition, workshops, and video viewing and discussions; and (3) faculty development for the creation, refinement, and assessment of communication assignments through individual consultation, classroom visits, and workshops. (Approved by the Speaking Advisory Committee, Fall 2016)

Tutoring Services

Individuals and groups of students can consult with peer tutors as they prepare oral presentations, debates, group presentations, panel discussions, podcasts, readings, interviews, oral exams, poster presentations, and more.

Facility & Resources

The center maintains a library of textbooks, videos, and tip sheets on specific oral communication issues. Students can record and review their presentations in the center's practice rooms.

Faculty Resources

Faculty members from any discipline may request customized oral communication support for their courses.


Office / Department Name

Oral Communication Center

Contact Name

Amy Gaffney

Oral Communication Center Director

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