2023-24 Consultants

August Brooks ’24


Major: Government
Minor: Sociology

August is a senior from Lexington, Kentucky majoring in Government and minoring in Sociology. When not working as a consultant with the OCC, she can be found working as a tour guide in the admissions office, in debate team practice, or hanging with friends in KJ.

Sophie Crehan '24


Major: Biology
Minor: Philosophy

Sophie is a senior Biology major from Albany, NY. On campus she is involved in Pottery Club, the Women’s Rugby team, and the Hamiltones. When not at the OCC, you can find her off trail in Rogers Glen or taking a long breakfast in McEwen.

Leslie De La Rosa ’25


Major: Theatre

Leslie, hailing from Harlem in New York City, is a dedicated theatre major. Within the KTSA theatres, you'll often find her involved in rehearsals or performances. She is the current Editor in Chief of the publication Culture Magazine presented by Grasping Roots. Beyond the confines of OCC, she enjoys witnessing both sunrises and sunsets from the Eells Porch. If she's not there, you might spot her indulging in her penchant for Red Bulls at a KJ vending machine.

Languages: Spanish, Korean

Gabriela de Mendonça Gomes ’24


Majors: Literature, Philosophy

Gabi is a senior hailing from São Paulo, Brazil and currently living in Hoboken, New Jersey. When she's not unraveling the mysteries of existence in her literature and philosophy classes, you’ll find her roaming KJ between her jobs as an Ancient Philosophy TA, tutoring at Writing Center and OCC, and publishing a new issue of Book XI, a journal of literary philosophy. Off campus, you can catch her carving turns on snowy slopes; hiking in search of the meaning of uphill battles; writing, reading, writing about reading, and talking animatedly about it all.

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, French

Del Gonzales ’25


Off Campus in Spring 2024
Major: Theatre
Minor: Anthropology

Del is a junior Theatre major from Lafayette, Louisiana. On campus he is a co-artistic director of Untitled@Large and a member of Hamilton’s improv group, Yodapez. When he’s not at the OCC, you can find him drinking an absurd amount of coffee and doing homework at Fojo South.

Languages: Russian

Christian Hernandez ’24


Majors: Government, Theatre

Christian is a senior from Santa Rosa, California majoring in Government and Theatre. On campus, he is an orientation leader, a COOP Senior Fellow, a member of the Buffers, and has been involved in various theatre productions. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and watching a really nice sunset on Minor Field.

Languages: Spanish

Peter Hinkle '26


Majors: History, Government

Peter is currently a sophomore at Hamilton and intends to study history and government. Guilty of saying yes far too often, he is known for racing down Martin’s Way on his bike, Stanley, to keep to his schedule. On campus, he is involved with the Hot Saucers ultimate team, Yodapez improv, and Mock Trial. In his down time, he also enjoys spending time outdoors and being silly with friends.

Victoria Holland '26


Majors: Psychology, Government

I am a rising sophomore from São Paulo, Brazil. I am probably double majoring in Psychology and Government, although I am not sure yet. My favorite building on campus is certainly KTSA, but I usually end up doing my work at KJ or Fojo South. On the side, I enjoy doing graphic design, taking pictures, and discussing philosophy. I also love ice cream and watermelon.

Languages: Portuguese

Christie Lam '25


Off Campus in Spring 2024
Majors: Hispanic Studies, Biochemistry

I'm from Panama, I also work as a Chem research assistant and a teaching assistant in the Hispanic Studies department and I work at Fojo. I love cooking and photography/cinematography.

Languages: Spanish

Naval Lappalainen ’25


Off Campus in Spring 2024
Major: History
Minor: Russian Studies

Naval is a junior from Wilmington, Delaware. He is majoring in History. On campus he is a member of the Mock Trial team. When he’s not at the OCC you can find him playing tennis with friends and hanging out in Fojo South.

Abigail Lowder '25


Major: Neuroscience

Abigail has experience with many kinds of public speaking, from research presentations, to theatre performances, to Mock Trial. She used to suffer from performance anxiety whenever she had to speak in front of a group— and learned that the best way to get over those fears was to immerse herself in them. Abigail is now captain of the Mock Trial team, performs regularly with Untitled at Large, and is in the generational on campus band Yonic Youth!

Anna Mak ’24


Major: Literature
Minors: Theatre, Education

Anna is a senior from Canton, Massachusetts, who is a literature major and a theatre/education double minor. When not at the OCC, you can probably find her performing somewhere on campus. Feel free to talk to her about any of her passions, such as Taylor Swift, ironically self aware sitcoms, and pasta!

Languages: French

Tinashe Manguwa ’25


Off campus in Fall and Spring.

Major: Undecided

Tinashe is a sophomore from Harare, Zimbabwe who lives through and to tell stories. He hopes to endlessly explore the intersection between language and culture whilst discovering self. He likes tea.

Amaris Martins '26


Majors: Sociology, Philosophy

Amaris Martins (Ammie) is a sophomore from New York City who wants to major in sociology and philosophy. She is really passionate about activism and law, helping on political campaigns and numerous advocacy projects. She is also into fashion, art, and binge-watching shows in her free time.

Mia McGrath '25


Off Campus in Spring 2024
Major: World Politics
Minor: Philosophy

Mia is from Seattle, Washington and likes Mock Trial, violin, and Oral Communication.

Languages: Arabic, Spanish

Eric Moss ’24


Majors: World Politics, German Studies

Eric is a World Politics and German Studies major from Port Washington, NY. On campus Eric serves as Editor in Chief of The Spectator, a German and Philosophy TA, and an Adirondack Adventure leader. You can usually find him chasing friends down to help pass out the latest issue of the school paper or chasing his next coffee fix.

Languages: German

Stella O'Brien ’24


Major: Political Philosophy
Minor: Religious Studies

Stella is a senior completing her interdisciplinary major in Political Philosophy and minoring in Religious Studies. She is an NYC native and a resident on the KJ couches most days. Outside of her work at the OCC, Stella is a student research assistant who enjoys reading, listening to new music, and of course, pub trivia.

Breeze Petty ’24


Majors: Religious Studies, World Politics

Breeze is a senior from Wyoming, majoring in Religious Studies and World Politics. When they aren’t in the OCC you can find them on the rugby pitch or hanging around KJ discussing new movies or shows they have watched.

Languages: Arabic

Isis Riviere ’25


Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Theatre

Isis is a junior from Trinidad and Tobago. She is majoring in Biochemistry. On campus, she is a part of the all-inclusive hip hop dance team, HEAT, and an Admissions Affinity Ambassador. When she’s not at the OCC, you can find her hanging with friends at Fojo South.

Brooke Styer '26


Major: World Politics
Minor: Latin American Studies

I’m a sophomore at Hamilton this year, and I’m majoring in World Politics. I love old music, anything raspberry flavored, and I have a severe sugar addiction. I’m also from Minnesota, so you may or may not hear me “mispronounce” the word bagel.

Languages: Spanish

Ryan Swanson ’24


Major: Economics
Minor: Music

Ryan is a senior from the Jersey Shore who is majoring in Economics with a minor in Music. When he’s not at the Oral Communication (or Writing) Center, you can usually find him singing with Duelly Noted, improvising with Yodapez, playing guitar in campus bands, or dining at the New Hartford Applebee’s. He loves The Grateful Dead, The Good Place, and gruyere cheese.

Jennie Weisbrot '25


Off Campus in Spring 2024
Majors: Biology, Economics

I am currently a junior that plays rugby and water polo. My favorite area of study is cell and molecular biology. I believe that cowboy boots are a staple that should be in everyone's closet. I am from South Florida. Fins up! White hot! Go cats!

Languages: Russian


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