Developing the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is a central goal of the liberal arts education at Hamilton College. The mission of the Writing Center is to support students as they hone their ability to write effectively and faculty as they teach this skill.

The Center provides this support through individual and group peer tutoring in writing across the curriculum at all levels for all students; faculty and curriculum development via workshops, lectures, classroom visits, and consultations on writing pedagogy and assessment; instructional materials for faculty and students; long-term individualized tutoring for students needing substantive help with writing; and other support for the Writing Across the Curriculum program as needed.

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Writing Conferences

During the conference, your tutor will examine the structural features of your draft: thesis, organization, and development of your argument. The tutor also will identify errors in grammar, mechanics, and style and work with you to revise them.

Handouts and Resources

These resources about effective writing were created by Hamilton faculty and writing tutors. They cover everything from basic skills to discipline-specific stylistic advice.

Faculty Support

The Writing Center provides faculty support for curricular, syllabus, and assignment planning, special assignments, and in-class workshops.


Office / Department Name

Nesbitt-Johnston Writing Center

Contact Name

Jennifer Ambrose

Writing Center Director

Office Location
Kirner-Johnson 152

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