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Peer Tutoring

  • One-on-one peer tutoring will be conducted remotely in the Spring 2021 semester.
  • Textbooks and papers are to be shared digitally only. Scheduled meetings for one-on-one tutoring will be arranged between the tutor and the tutee with the tutor providing a summary of the tutorial.

One-on-One Peer Tutoring

The Language Center provides recurring one-on-one tutoring by appointment. Peer tutoring consists of either:

  1. An individual hour-long session with a tutor
  2. A recurring one-hour session with a tutor each week for the duration of the semester.

To submit a request for individual tutoring, please fill out this Google form. Note: You will need to be logged out of all other Google accounts, and only logged into your Hamilton email account.

Once you submit your request, you will be paired with a tutor, who will reach out to you to schedule your session(s).

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