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The introduction of digital media into creative fields has changed the nature of their study and production. Musicians, scientists, creative writers, filmmakers and visual and performing artists have developed multiple fluencies with digital media: You will explore these creative possibilities, within a formal framework, in the new Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts.

About the Minor

The development of digital arts has challenged the long-standing tradition of individual genius specializing in individual media and makes collaborative and cross-disciplinary work practically inevitable.

I went to dinner with professors, I hung out with professors. Professors came to see me perform. The Hamilton experience is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I ever thought existed.

Charles Charles “Siege” Santiago Jr. — Digital arts minor

Contact Information

Digital Arts Program

Nathan Goodale, Director
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

Meet Our Faculty

A Sampling of Courses

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Introduction to Photography 116FS

Fundamentals of photography through the use of both analog and digital SLR cameras, black and white darkroom techniques, film scanning and digital printing. Emphasis on development of technical and aesthetic skills, and the potential of the medium as a tool for artistic expression. Cameras will be provided by the College. Oral Presentations.

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Introduction to Video 213FS

Introduction to fundamentals of craft and study of experimental video. Emphasis on developing ideas and conveying meaning through video art, working outside commercial traditions.

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Introduction to Animation 221FS

An introduction to the history, tools and language of basic animation styles. This course will trace the history of experiments in animated imagery from 19th Century photography through 20th Century film into 21st Century digital works. The class will cover basic techniques in Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and illustration and animation software interfaces.

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Advanced Photography: Analog Techniques 302S

Advanced investigation and study of the creative tools of black-and-white photography through the use of analog film cameras. Emphasis on medium and large format cameras, studio techniques and darkroom printing. Continued exploration of personal vision with emphasis on social and cultural contexts for photography. Normally offered every 3rd year. Oral Presentations.

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Advanced Video 313F

Advanced investigation and study of experimental video production. Exploration of personal vision combined with emphasis on social and cultural contexts for video. May repeat for credit at increasingly advanced levels with permission of the professor.

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