Meal Plans

Hamilton College offers a variety of meal plans; all new students are required to participate in the Unlimited Meal Plan, which includes unlimited dining hall access.

Fall 2019

Meal Plan Dining Dates

August 27 Breakfast - December 20 Lunch

Meal Plans continue during all breaks.  Students may also use guest meals, Hill Card funds or cash during break periods.

Unlimited Meal Plan

Our Unlimited Meal Plan offers unlimited access to Soper Commons Dining Hall, McEwen Café, the Diner, Little Pub (Pub Lunch), and Bundy Cafe and Lounge. You also receive, one meal swipe a night during Diner B hours, Thurs.-Sat., Midnight - 4 a.m. The Unlimited Plan includes 3 guest meals per semester.

14 meal plan

Our 14 meal plan offers fourteen meals a week which can be used in any of our dining locations. The 14 Meal Plan includes 20 guest meals per semester.

7 meal plan

The 7 meal plan offers seven meals a week which can be used in any of our dining locations.

Guest Meal

The guest meals provided as part of the Unlimited and 14 meal plans can be used for meals for a guest, or at Late Night dining, or on the 14 meal plan for a second entrance during a meal period. Please let your checker know if you are using a Guest Meal. Guest Meals do not carry over from semester-to-semester. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Dining Hall Meal Exchange


Our Dining Hall Meal Exchange program can be used when a student group would like to hold an event which involves a meal service, but very limited additional funding. Essentially, this service provides the food items on the menu in the dining hall for that particular meal, complete with salad, beverage and dessert. The student group membership has the option to use a meal to support the provided service. Contact our catering office for more information about this exciting offer.

Catering Exchange


Our Catering Exchange program offers student group members the option to use a portion of their meal plan for any type of catering service. The groups dining requirements will be designed with the assistance of the catering staff. Our catering team will help the student group determine the menu and level of service required for the event. Please contact our catering office and allow us to assist you in creating just the right events.

Plan Options by Res. Hall

Meal Plan Appeal Process

Students who wish to appeal their meal plan status based on a medical necessity or religious restriction must first meet with Reuben Haag, general manager of Bon Appetit, to determine how those needs might be met. In the rare cases when Bon Appetit cannot accommodate a medical or religious need, students must send an appeal request to Travis Hill, assistant dean of students for student engagement, with proper documentation from a doctor or religious leader outlining the dietary restrictions, and a note from Bon Appetit confirming the lack of accommodation. The request will be reviewed by the Accommodation Committee, which will make the final determination on whether the meal plan should be waived.

Contact Information

Bon Appétit Office

315-859-4975 315-859-4964 bamco@hamilton.edu
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