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F.I.L.M. Series

All events are free and the public is cordially invited.

Unless otherwise indicated, events are scheduled for Sunday afternoons at 2 in the Bradford Auditorium—Room 125, in the Kirner-Johnson Building. Events run between one and three hours.

This series is made possible by the office of the Dean of the Faculty (the Hansford fund) and by support from the Kirkland Endowment, the Art History Department, and the Days-Massolo Center.

Events are curated by Scott MacDonald, with help from Bret Olsen.


F.I.L.M. Spring 2021

Online events and blended experiences details available the week of each event. Always re-check the poster before an event—some specifics may have changed!

March 10 at 7pm: William Greaves: Filmmaking as Mission, Event 2 

Screening of William Greaves’s NATIONTIME (2020 preserved version). Introduced as zoom event by Louis Massiah.

NATIONTIME (1972) is filmmaker William Greaves's documentation of the first national Black political convention, held in Gary, Indiana in 1972. Major figures from many sectors of African-American life convened --though the event was largely ignored by the mainstream press. Greaves, the most prolific, accomplished, and committed African-American documentary filmmaker of his generation, made the only substantive record of the convention. 

MoMA and the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture recently took charge of preserving the film and making it available. Funded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ FilmWatch program.


March 12 at 7pm: Zoom session with animator Tomoyasu Murata

Moderated by Professor Kyoko Omori. Tomoyasu Murata will answer our questions about his stop-motion animations. 


March 26th at 7pm: Professor Kyoko Omori presents animations by Takeshi Yashiro

Animations include Norman the Snowman—the Northern Lights (2013) and Moon of a Sleepless Night (2015).

Takeshi Yashiro (b. 1969) has produced numerous well-known TV commercials, but his recent works are devoted to the creative and magical use of stop-motion animation. Born in Akita Prefecture (famous for rice and sake) in Japan, the mountains and the snow are the dearest elements in his life. Norman the Snowman and in Moon of the Sleepless Night are lovely and evocative, and the action gently comedic


March 28th at 7pm: William Greaves: Filmmaking as Mission, Event 3

Louis Massiah will present his W. E. B. Du Bois: A BIOGRAPHY IN FOUR VOICES (1996).

Louis Massiah, who presented Greaves’s Nationtime, returns to present his own historical film, an Emmy-Award-winning feature that explores the life and legacy of scholar and activist W.E.B. Du Bois, using four narrators: Wesley Brown, Thulani Davis, Toni Cade Bambara, and Amari Baraka. Massiah will zoom with us after the screening.


April 8th at 7pm: Zoom session with animator Takeshi Yashiro

Moderated by Professor Kyoko Omori, Takeshi Yashiro will answer our questions about his stop-motion animation. Send Professor Omori your questions/comments for the artist <komori@hamilton.edu>


April 28th at 7pm: RALPH BUNCHE: AN AMERICAN ODYSSEY (2001)

Cinema and Media scholar Patricia Zimmermann (Ithaca College) will present a zoom introduction.

William Greaves’s feature about Ralph Bunche, a pioneer contributor to the U.N., where he was Undersecretary General and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, offers a unique window on many key issues and historical events during the 20th century, including international peacekeeping, decolonization, and human rights.

Professor Zimmermann is a prolific scholar/teacher and the director of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF). Her recent books include Thinking Through Digital Media (Palgrave, 2015), The Flaherty: Decades in the Cause of Independent Cinema (Indiana University Press, 2017), Documentary Across Platforms (Indiana University Press, 2019); and Flash Flaherty: Tales from a Film Seminar (Indiana, 2021). She teaches at Ithaca College.


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