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Chefs at Hamilton College are committed to providing a unique, healthy and flavorful dining experience at every meal.

Things to Know

  • Our Unlimited Meal Plan offers unlimited access to any Bon Appétit location (Soper Commons Dining Hall, McEwen Dining Hall, Howard Diner, and Bundy Café).
    • You also receive one meal swipe/tap per night at Late Night Dining (Diner B).
    • The Unlimited Plan includes three guest meals per semester. Guest Meals do not carry over from semester to semester.
  • The 14 Meal Plan includes 20 guest meals per semester which can also be used at Late Night Dining (Diner B). Guest Meals do not carry over from semester to semester.

  • The 7 Meal Plan offers seven meals a week, which can be used in any of Bon Appétit dining locations.

    • One swipe/tap is available each day from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. You can use your swipe/tap for the day for Late Night Dining (Diner B).

  • The Dining Hall Meal Exchange program can be used when a student group wants to hold an event involving a meal service but very limited additional funding.

  • Parents who accompany students to the dining halls will not be charged and may dine as our guest. (Exceptions apply for campus event periods when other meals are offered.)


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