How to get Around

Hamilton College is a pedestrian campus and works to minimize the need to drive in order to remain that way. Simultaneously, the College tries to limit the number of paved walkways, in order to preserve the aesthetic beauty of the campus, and reduce storm water run-off. An alternative to walking around campus is biking.
  • Bikes
    • In addition to being a pedestrian campus, Hamilton is also bike friendly. The College has implemented bike lanes throughout campus so students can quickly and safely get where they need to go.
    • Many dorms have designated storage areas for bikes, either inside or inside, that students can use to have their bikes readily available and easily accessible.

Jitney/Late Night Shuttle GPS Tracking

Download “TracManager” from the App Store to your phone. It’s free!

Log in using the following information:

Username: sa@hamilton.edu
Password: hamilton

Use the menu at the top right-hand corner of the screen to switch between vehicles.

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