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Honor Roll

About the Honor Roll

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2019 Impact Report


No matter the amount contributed, our community is coming together to transform the lives of students who will, in turn, use their Hamilton education to transform society.

Thank You

Lorene Whitecross

Class of '93

My time at Hamilton gave me confidence to be the person I am today.

Yan Zhen

Class of '13

Because of HEOP, I was able to build a community and a family to have the opportunity and privilege to give back.

Julie Gederos

Class of '78

Jen Mendiola

Jen Mendiola

Jen Mendiola

martin moore

Mary Ellen & Paul Denoon

Courtney Hobgood

Class of '15

Julie Gederos

Class of '78

Dave McCart

Class of '71

jeffery rivera

Ellen Greenberg

Liz Morris

Class of '16

Sabrina Hua

Class of '15

William Tucker Hutchinson

Class of '07

Bungie Foundation

Class of 's

Tom Farrell

Class of '57

Lydia Marshall

Class of '99

Timothy Woodlock

Class of '76

Tom Cooper

Class of '71

Stephen Brennen

Class of '78

Sam Havens

Class of '65

Liz Rothenberg

Class of '98

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