200 Days in the Life of the College

Wednesday, May 11

Finals Week: Oh, now the sun comes out

By Katie Hee ’14

The snow is gone, spring has abruptly arrived, and the campus has come alive. It’s been six months since the Hill has seen green grass, and the wave of warm air and sun is welcomed with open arms.

Given the timing, it’s also being welcomed with open books. It’s Finals Week, and there are three days of hard work left in the school year. So sounds of laughter and music mingle with chatter as students, stretched out on towels, read from textbooks and quiz one another. They’re enjoying the weather and attempting to study, all at the same time. “There are so many people having lunch outside, playing with Frisbees, sunbathing and enjoying themselves,” says Kim Wang ’11. “It takes some willpower to not be distracted.”

But Hamilton students are nothing if not resourceful. Sofas have been carried outside, littering campus from the quads to the athletic fields. It’s one way to take advantage of the glorious sun, even when stressed. As Wang, who is preparing for her last organic chemistry final, admits, “It is really nice to be able to take breaks from studying and enjoy the amazing weather.”

The library, Science Center and Kirner-Johnson are also filled with study groups busy with last-minute cramming, but the air of cheerfulness drifts inside all the same. It makes for the perfect end to a year of hard work, and is just what is needed to break the tension. By week’s end, students will be ready to begin the summer having garnered not only excellent final marks but also slightly pink faces.