Student Opportunities

Hamilton College students are integral to the work we do at the Wellin Museum of Art. The museum offers opportunities for students to participate in various aspects of museum operations – from leading tours and working with school and community groups to working with collections and exhibitions.

Docent TourRegular Employment Opportunities:

Freshman or sophomore students who (ideally) sit at the greeter station and orient incoming visitors

Tour Docent
Sophomore, junior, and senior students who assist in development and execution of K-12, community, and Hamilton College tours

Students who work within specific departments at the museum (6+ hrs/week) on specialized projects such as:

Collections and Exhibitions Student Assistants
Students who perform a variety of tasks to assist the Collections and Exhibitions Specialist, including but not limited to conducting condition checks, putting together exhibition checklists, preparing exhibition- and loan-related paperwork, and researching and cataloguing artworks in the permanent collection.

Education Department Assistants
Students who perform a variety of tasks to assist the Educator, including but not limited to researching artists and/or pieces of art, planning educational tours and events, assisting with mailings and database creation, ordering supplies for K-12 events, and creating teaching samples.

Social Media and Outreach Student Assistants
Students who perform a variety of tasks to assist with museum outreach efforts including but not limited to digital campaign development, research and content creation, and poster design.

Artist + Student Collaborations

The Wellin Museum is committed to encouraging and supporting artists to experiment in their practice and create new works for exhibitions at the museum. Since opening in 2012, three different artists have chosen to create site-specific installations, all of which required the student assistants to provide support in translating the artist’s practice in a new or experimental way. Most recently, six Hamilton College students were hired to create two murals with artist Julia Jacquette. On her time with the artist, Melodie Rosen ’18 reflected: “From this experience, I learned that it was possible to truly look forward to your work. I worked with and got to know wonderful people and the time flew by as we painted. Watching and being a part of the production of these murals has been more rewarding than I could have imagined.”