Artist Yun-Fei Ji Joins Anthropology Class
Kara Burns '18
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© Janelle Rodriguez

While contemporary Chinese artist Yun-Fei Ji was on-site working on his upcoming exhibition The Intimate Universe, he took time to join Professor Julie Starr and her Anthropology of China class for a discussion of his work.  Professor Starr brought her students to the museum to view Ji's work Three Gorges Dam, a recent work acquired for the Wellin's permanent collection.

Director Tracy Adler and Manager of Educational Programming and Outreach Meg Austin facilitated the discussion, which centered around the environmental degradation and social repercussions of the Three Gorges Dam in China depicted in Yun-Fei Ji’s work.  The conversation also focused on Ji’s early life and career, nationalism and authoritarian rule in China. A comprehensive solo exhibition of Yunfei Ji’s work will be exhibited at the Wellin throughout the Spring 2016 in Yun-Fei Ji: The Intimate Universe.

Visit our collection webpage for more information about Ji's Three Gorges Dam and other works in our permanent collection.

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