200 Days in the Life of the College

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday afternoon, and something’s in the air

By Lauren Magaziner ’12

Riddle me this: what has five rings, three knives, 15 balls, two plates, clubs, scarves and a unicycle?

Hamilton College’s Juggling Club, of course!

All eyes are on the club at today’s Student Activities Fair as members display an array of juggling talent. A crowd watches the performers with both awe and envy. A leader of the Juggling Club, Danielle Forsyth ’11, discusses her initiation into the art. “I locked myself in my room for three days,” she says. “I learned how to juggle with two balls, and then with three.”

Now she can juggle up to five balls, and that’s not all: She can juggle on a unicycle as well. She learned the trick during the summer of her 13th year after her grandmother bought her the one-wheeler. Forsyth claims that almost anything can be juggled, mentioning that her dad once juggled pine cones. She herself has tried more perilous objects: knives and fire torches!

A core group of five to 10 students attends Juggling Club meetings each week. But Forsyth is optimistic that the club will gain more members and particularly hopes to attract those who never thought they could juggle. At the end of today’s event, the club has collected two pages’ worth of signatures from possible disciples. Too many? Not for the Juggling Club.