200 Days in the Life of the College

Friday, November 5

What art looks like when you’re up close

By Emi Katsuta ’11

Katharine Kuharic, the Kevin W. Kennedy Professor of Art, put it simply: The trip would be “life-changing.” We are not disappointed.

For the third year, the Art Department has organized a studio tour of internationally acclaimed artists in New York City for senior art majors and professors. Over two days, we visit the studios of six artists: Alexi Worth, Ann Agee, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Blane De St. Croix, Jane Hammond and Judy Fox. From painters to sculptors to printmakers, the artists are diverse in their media as well as in their approach to and practice of their work. What they share is an eagerness to talk about their ideas and their journey to become professional artists.

And what we share with the artists — from sitting in Fitzpatrick’s studio laughing and commenting on her video to witnessing Fox assembling her incredible sculpture — is all deeply memorable. “The trip was both inspirational and reassuring,” says Lisa Buch, a fellow art major. “They’ve all been through what we are experiencing now, have come out of it and succeeded.”

As a senior preparing for the Senior Art show in April as well as for life after graduation, seeing and experiencing the lives of artists is a valuable opportunity for future preparation. We all return to campus from the trip — made possible through the support of the Dietrich Foundation and the Kirkland Endowment — enthusiastic and ready to get back into the studio. We have also learned a life lesson about how passion can become a lifestyle.