Business Office

Student Accounts

2014-15 Tuition Rates and Fees

The Business Office provides a monthly billing statement to each student. Fall tuition expenses are billed in July and spring tuition is billed in December.  Monthly statements may include additional charges incurred from other offices on campus such as the Health Center or Campus Safety.

There is a one-time transcript fee of $25.00 and a one-time guaranteed deposit fee of $100.00 that will be posted in the student's first billing semester.

Tuition rates and fees for the 2014-15 academic year:

per semester
per year
$23,675.00 $47,350.00
Room (in College residence halls)
$3,320.00 $6,640.00
Board (in College dining halls)
     21 meal plan $2,755.00 $5,510.00
     14 meal plan $2,617.00 $5,234.00
       7 meal plan $1,309.00 $2,617.00
Facility Charge
$137.50 $275.00
Activities Fee
$235.00 $470.00