Hamilton College Student Accounts Office Mission:

Our mission is to provide students with the accurate assessment and proper billing of charges. We are responsible for the timely collection and accounting of all payments towards the Student Account. We are committed to delivering these services to each student in an empathetic, courteous, and ethical manner.
In following our mission, we strive to:

·   Assure that all students have a supportive environment to discuss their financial obligations free from judgement

·  Provide a proactive customer service model to ensure that each student is aware of their Student Account status and any issues that may cause impact

·   Establish a level of service above expectation to support students in achieving their academic goals by helping to navigate their financial obligations to Hamilton College

·   Administer payments and credits, and resolve any issues in a timely manner

·   Ensure that the Student Accounts Office is focused on customer service and fiscal responsibility        


Student Accounts

Help us provide an accessible education, offer innovative resources and programs, and foster intellectual exploration.

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