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Who Do I Contact?

Invoices, Check Requests & Employee Travel Expense Reimbursements

Amanda Gleasman, Accounts Payable, 315-859-4320 

  • Has the payment been made?
  • When will I receive my check?
  • I need a copy of an invoice.
  • Where is the paperwork that I sent over?

Key Bank Credit Card Program

Gary Carrock 315-859-4376

  • How do I apply for a card?
  • How do I log onto the website?
  • How do I view my transactions?
  • When do I need to submit my statement and receipts?
  • I lost my card; what should I do?
  • There are charges on my card that I did not make. What should I do?
  • I am trying to make a purchase at the store and my card is blocked. What should I do?


Jarren Waterman, 315-859-4316

  • When will I get my paycheck?
  • How do I submit my time online?
  • My supervisor has not approved my time. What should I do?
  • How do I view my pay advice online?
  • Do I need a social security number to get a paycheck?
  • How do I get direct deposit?
  • How do I change my deductions?
  • What forms do I need to fill out?
  • I lost my check. What should I do?
  • How do I request a stipend? When is a stipend used?
  • I am a non-resident alien. Is there special paperwork I need to complete?


David Vore, 315-859-4603

  • How do I get access to my accounts in the budget tool?
  • I can’t view my budget in the budget tool.
  • Where do I charge this invoice?
  • How much money is available in my budget?
  • I need a new account number for my budget.
  • I have account numbers in my budget that I don’t need anymore. How can I get rid of them?
  • There is a charge to my budget that I don’t think is correct.
  • How do I do a web transfer?
  • I am trying to do a web transfer but it won’t process.
  • I can’t put my budget request in the system. What should I do?
  • Why is the encumbrance still showing after the bill was paid?  (Contact Lauri Swan at 859-4998)


David Vore, 315-859-4603

  • How much income will my endowment earn this year?
  • How do I figure out how much I have available to spend this year?
  • I need an account number for a new endowment, or for an endowment whose purpose has changed.
  • I am working with a donor to establish a new endowment. How much do we need to generate an award of $xxxx?


 Sylvia Risley, 315-859-4319

  • I can’t view my grant in the My Grants tool.
  • I need a new account number for my grant.
  • There is a charge to my grant that I don’t think is correct.
  • How much do I have left to spend on my grant?
  • When does the grant end?
  • I need to submit a report and need financial information. Where do I get it?

Cash Receipts/Credit Card Receipts

Sylvia Risley, 315-859-4319

  • Has my credit card receipt been processed?
  • Where do I go to bring in a deposit?
  • How do I get reimbursed for petty cash?

Accepting Payments by Credit Card

Sylvia Risley, 315-859-4319

  • I am holding a conference and want to collect registration fees by credit card. How do I do this?
  • How do I accept payment for admission to events on campus by credit card?

Student Accounts

Student Accounts, 315-859-4324

  • What is the balance on my account?
  • Why didn't I get a bill?
  • How do I sign up for electronic billing?
  • When is the due date for payment?
  • How can I pay?
  • What happens if I am late?
  • What are these extra charges on my account, i.e. parking fines, heath center charges, library fines, etc?


Amy Ariglio, 315-859-4317

  • See Amy Ariglio in Student Accounts if you need a document notarized.

Student Loans/Employee Charges

Amy Ariglio, 315-859-4317

  • Where do I go to sign my loan paperwork?
  • I have a question about my employee statement for charges incurred.

Contact Information

Business Office

Philip Spencer House
Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
315-859-4322 315-859-4947 (1st floor) 315-859-4602 (2nd floor)
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