Billing FAQs

What do I do if a payment is not reflected on my billing statement?

We may have received the payment after the billing date of the statement. If payment is not reflected , please check with your bank to determine if the check has been cashed. If it has been cashed, please send us a copy of the canceled check, front and back, so that we can research the payment.

Who do I contact with questions about my bill?

If you have questions about your bill, please call the originating department immediately. If you are unsure of the department, contact Student Accounts at 315-859-4324, and we will direct you to the appropriate department. You may also contact our office by email.

Where do I change my address?

The Office of the Registrar maintains your permanent home address.

What is Tuition Insurance?

The Tuition Refund Plan is an elective insurance offered on a semester-basis only. The insurance covers 100% of the insured semester tuition, less any refund or credit due you from the college, provided your medical condition is certified by a licensed physician and forces you to completely withdraw from all classes for the balance of the semester.

Why isn’t work-study listed on the bill?

Federal work-study is paid directly to the student based on the hours worked.

What is an activity fee?

The activity fee is a required fee that supports student activities.

What do I do if I have a hold on my account, transcripts, or diploma?

A student who has a hold will not be permitted to register for the upcoming semester, or receive a diploma until all holds have been cleared.

How does the Monthly Payment Plan work?

The payment plan administered by Higher One enables students and their families to make interest-free monthly installments to pay each semester's tuition and expenses. You determine how much you need to budget for tuition, housing, dining, etc. in ten, eleven or twelve installments. Half of the contracted amount is credited to your Hamilton tuition account in the fall semester (appearing on your July bill), and half is credited in the spring (appearing on your December bill).  You pay Higher One in monthly installments. Your monthly payments do not appear on your Hamilton bill as they are reflected in Higher One's billing statements. You are responsible for paying any amounts remaining due on your Hamilton tuition account after the payment plan credit has been applied, including amounts still due if you underestimated your budget.

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