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Summer Housing Guide

The Office of Residential Life has a limited amount of housing to offer students who are full time employees of the College and students who are conducting full time research advised by a Hamilton Faculty member during the summer months. Students may occupy summer housing as long as they are working/researching a minimum of 35 hours per week.  Work can be paid or not.  Should their work commitment end, they must vacate summer housing immediately. 

Only Hamilton students of the classes of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 are eligible for summer housing.

No new housing is available after July 31 as we will be preparing for the fall semester at that time.  Only students who will be in residence (in on-campus residential facilities) at Hamilton College in the fall are allowed to stay in summer housing after August 7.

All standard campus policies, as outlined in the student handbook, apply to summer residents. Any students found in violation of Campus Policy will be subject to the standard judicial consequences and may be required to leave summer housing.

  • Summer housing will be in Milbank and Babbitt for the 2021 summer.
Moving into and out of Summer Housing
  • If you are living on campus for the Spring 2021 semester and plan to move directly into summer housing then you must plan to be on campus on May 26th, the day that all students will transition into summer housing. If you are leaving campus and returning please be aware that there will be a return to campus COVID-19 protocol which may include a quarantine in a local hotel prior to returning to campus. It is your responsibility to be mindful of any quarantine timing and ensure you will be released in time to move on the 26th.  If you plan to stay on campus from the end of the semester until May 26th, Residential Life will register you as a late stay so you can stay on campus from your last final through the start of summer.

  • If you are living on campus for the Fall 2021 semester and plan to continue summer work beyond August 6th then you must plan to be on campus for the entire fall transition period (August 6-August 9).  As soon as your fall room is ready, we will contact you via email and you will have 48 hours to move and return your summer room key.

  • If you will not be living on-campus for the Fall 2021 semester then you must leave summer housing by no later than August 5.
Summer Housing Rules and Regulations

All summer residents are required to follow the policies and procedures of the student handbook and the COVID-19 Community Agreement.  The following are additional provisions established specifically for summer residents:

  • Summer housing is only available to Hamilton College students employed full-time (35 hours or more a week) by the college or who are doing 35 hours per week of research sponsored by a Hamilton Faculty member.
  • Rent will be at a rate of $9 per person, per night of occupancy in a single room.  Occupancy means either you or your belongings are in the room.  A limited number of doubles are available, but can only be chosen by two people (the room must be filled) and rent will be $7 per night, per person. Rent charges start on May 23rd. The final day that rent will be charged is August 17th.
  • In the event of absence from the room, rent must still be paid. If you will be leaving during a portion of the summer and wish to avoid paying rent during that time, you must take all of your belongings with you and must properly check out with the Office of Residential Life. No storage is available on campus. Any articles found in a room, hallway, or lounge areas after a student has moved out, or after the date of occupancy has passed, will become the property of the College and will be disposed of.  Only residents of the room should have furniture in the room. Storing belongings for individuals not in summer housing is not recommended. Students will be charged for removal of personal items.
  •  No person other than the student(s) assigned to the room shall occupy the room. 
  • The room will be maintained in good condition; the Office of Residential Life should be notified in the event of mechanical or other maintenance problems. 
  • Maintenance and Operations or Safety and Security work may necessitate access to summer residences.  The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to offer such access without prior notification in order to accomplish ongoing maintenance or safety work. However, we will attempt to contact residents ahead of time to inform them of what needs to take place if at all possible.
  • The residence hall will be locked, and residents will be given access through their Hill Card. In the interest of personal safety and property protection, all summer residents agree not to loan access cards to anyone and agree not to prop open any outside doors to the building at any time.  Additionally, ground level windows are not to be used as entrances to the building. 
  • As the building will be locked, only summer residents will have access to the inside of the building. Therefore, the summer residents will be responsible for any damage that occurs and for missing items in the building during the period of occupancy. Damage and extra cleaning fees will be prorated to all residents.
  • As members of a residential academic community, we all share the responsibility for creating and maintaining an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and to personal growth. Perhaps of greatest importance is respect and acceptance of all individuals. Hamilton will not accept behavior that abuses or shows contempt for the persons, opinions, life styles, or property of others. 
  • Pets are not permitted. Anyone found to have a pet (other than fish) will be in violation of the student conduct code and subject to eviction, in addition to judicial consequences.  Furthermore, they will be responsible for all costs resulting from any needed cleaning and fumigation. 
  • No new housing is available after July 31st. (Housing is provided for full-time summer employees, not for early arrivals for fall semester.) Only students who will be in residence (in on-campus residential facilities) at Hamilton College in the fall are allowed to stay in summer residence locations after August 5th.
  •  All Summer Residents will be held accountable for excessive noise or other disturbance. Any behavior not in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth in the Hamilton Student Handbook or COVID-19 Community Agreement may result in removal from campus housing. 
  • All Summer Residents must vacate their assigned room and return their keys to the Office of Residential Life on the date set by Residential Life. Failure to return your key by this time will result in a charge of $125 for each unreturned key. 
  • No storage of any kind is permitted in public areas.  Any personal property left in public areas will be removed by the College.  The College reserves the right to terminate the summer lease at any time without cause.
How to Select Summer Housing

Students will complete a Summer Housing Registration form, and answer housing preference questions. Residential Life will place you into housing based on preferences indicated on the form with consideration for class year giving seniors priority, then juniors and so on.

Students living in singles in Babbitt or McIntosh for the Spring 2021 semester will be pre-assigned to those rooms for the summer to avoid unnecessary transitions and cleaning, unless that student prefers a double with a roommate and indicates that on their form.

Any questions regarding summer housing can be directed to Ashley Place, Director of Residential Life, via email at aplace@hamilton.edu or phone (315-859-4023).

Contact Information

Residential Life

Elihu Root House, 2nd Floor
315-859-4023 reslife@hamilton.edu

Summer Housing FAQs

If I go on vacation in the middle of summer, do I have to pay rent for that period of time?

Yes, if you plan to leave your belongings in the room.  If you do not wish to pay rent then you will need to move all of your belongings out before you leave and return your key to Residential Life.  Assuming the room is still available upon your return, you can pick up the key and move back in when you return from your vacation.  In order to do this, please communicate your plans in advance with Residential Life so we can work with you to make sure the process goes smoothly. There will be a return to campus COVID-19 protocol which may include a quarantine in a local hotel prior to returning to campus. As protocols change, students will be notified.

Can I just leave my belongings in my Spring 2021 room and move them to my summer room when I start work in June?

Unfortunately, no.  You will need to move completely out of your Spring room by the date communicated to you by Residential Life and move back to campus when you begin your summer employment.

Can I store my belongings in the common room when I move out of summer housing?

No.  Any items left in bedrooms or common rooms after the move out date will be discarded when Facilities Management cleans the buildings.  Students will be charged for removal of personal items.

Can I drink alcohol outside during the summer?

No.  All College policies are still in place during the summer and will be enforced.  If you are found in violation of a College policy during the summer then you may be charged through the Community Standards Office resulting in possible points and removal from campus housing. 

Can I grill outside during the summer?

Absolutely!  Just please make sure to store propane properly (not inside and at least 10 feet away from any building) and use proper safety precautions to avoid damage or injury.

Can I sit on the window ledge?

No.  This is very dangerous and is against College policy.  Screens should be in windows at all times.  If you need a screen replaced or repaired, please have your RA submit a work order immediately.  Keeping screens in windows also prevents animals like birds and squirrels from entering the building and eating food left on counters in kitchens.

Can I use an empty room for my guest to stay in?

No.  We have a lot of people moving in and out of summer housing throughout summer months from May through August and staying for various durations of time.  Please do not enter a vacant room for any reason without prior permission from Residential Life.

If my card won’t let me into my building, who do I call?

  • During business hours (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm) call Residential Life.
  • During evening or weekend hours, call Campus Safety to let you in, then email Residential Life and they will address it in the morning or on Monday.

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