200 Days in the Life of the College

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Friday, April 1

Embracing our mission

During the annual Volunteer Weekend, the College looks both back and forward as it marks its commitment to a more diverse campus. The festivities begin with a dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hamilton’s partnership with the Posse Foundation, which identifies and helps place student leaders from public high schools at top colleges; Posse students Leide Cabral ’11 and Adrian Ntwatwa ’12 (bottom right) are among those on hand. Later, the Days-Massolo Center — named for Hamilton trustees Drew S. Days III ’63 and Arthur J. Massolo ’64 — is formally dedicated at the former Ferry Building on College Hill Road as Massolo (top) and his son Arthur ’93 take part in a moving ceremony and Days (bottom left) offers his thoughts in a video presentation. Days, a former U.S. solicitor general and assistant attorney general, is a member of the faculty at Yale Law School; Massolo is the founder of Straticon, a consulting firm in international strategic planning, and former president of LINK Unlimited, a mentoring program that provides at-risk inner-city students with private school educations.