200 Days in the Life of the College

Sunday, April 10

What’s a pitch competition?

Hint: It doesn’t involve a baseball. This delivery is verbal — an opportunity for students and young alumni to “pitch” their best business and marketing ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs and investors. After weekend workshops and mentoring sessions that included Mark Kasdorf ’06 — the creator of the Pitch Competition — and Michael Fawcett ’66, today’s pitches stretch for more than five hours, with nearly 80 students and alumni participating. Among them: Team Q-Shop, made up of (from left) Nile Berry ’14, Michael Kendall ’14 and Sam Wagner ’14. After the final pitch, the winner is Jerome Noel ’09. His pitch? Marquee, a high-end microbrewery combined with a fine-dining restaurant. To make it a reality, he wins $3,000 in legal services and the chance to make his pitch again — this time to a venture capitalist.