200 Days in the Life of the College

Friday, April 15

The perfect spokes-person

That guy with dubious priorities who swore he’d walk a mile for a Camel in the ancient television commercial has nothing on Stephen Wright ’13. In this more fitness-conscious age, the triathlete from Holliston, Mass., bicycled 80 miles for Chobani yogurt — and the effort landed him in his own TV commercial. Wright, who eats the yogurt as a recovery snack after heavy training, biked for fun from campus to the Chobani factory in New Berlin, N.Y. Within a few weeks, the tale of the trek has grown from a Facebook posting to a YouTube video to a funny prime-time spot in the company’s first-ever ad campaign. Outfitted in bike gear, Wright stops to ask directions from a pair of farmers, who give him contradictory directions. “Hey, those are some fancy pants,” one tells him. (