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Serials Department


Barbara Swetman
Acquisitions and Serials Librarian


Serials include periodicals, newspapers, annual reviews, yearbooks, and many society series. They are intended to be published and purchased indefinitely.

The Serials Department is responsible for all functions related to obtaining and making serials available in the Library. These include: Ordering, preparing invoices for the Business Office, cataloging, check-in, claiming unreceived issues, binding and maintaining holdings records in the Library Catalog.

Serials Services and Policies

Due to the escalating costs of serial publications very few new subscriptions are being established.

Contact Barbara Swetman (Barbara Swetman) the Acquisitions and Serials Librarian if you would like check the current price for a serial publication.

The Serials Department enters orders with one of our subscription agents for new titles that have been approved for purchase. When the order is placed a record is added to the Hamilton Library Catalog. These will have a call number of PERIODICAL ON ORDER followed by the month and year of order.

The Holding Records in the Library Catalog show current information for all Serials. New periodical issues are checked-in on the Library Catalog and shelved the day of receipt. Completed volumes are removed for binding when the first issue of the next volume is received. A note stating At Bindery is added to the holdings record within a day of its removal from the shelves. Bindery deliveries are made every two weeks. If a desired issue shows as: AT BINDERY, check with a Reference Librarian for assistance as it may be in the building. During the academic year no issue is unavailable for more than two weeks.

Useful Tools for Serials

Interactive Electronic Serials Cataloging Aid
This interactive training tool has been developed and tested at Northwestern University Library to instruct serials catalogers how to catalog electronic serials on the Internet.

Serials in Cyberspace
This site is primarily about Serials available through the Internet, but it does provide some links useful for the general serialist.

Tools for Serials Catalogers


Beth Bohstedt, Director, Access Services and Collection Strategies
E-mail: bbohsted@hamilton.edu
Telephone: (315) 859-4485

Barbara Swetman, Acquisitions and Serials Librarian
E-mail: bswetman@hamilton.edu
Telephone: (315) 859-4470
Departmental planning and procedures, complex and original serials cataloging, agent review and relations, Acquisitions and Fund Accounting system.

Cindy Stern, Serials Assistant
E-mail: cstern@hamilton.edu
Telephone: (315) 859-4747
Bindery preparation, in-house binding, copy cataloging, replacement of missing issues, Choice Reviews on Cards distribution.