200 Days in the Life of the College

Sunday, February 6

There’s something for everyone on Super Sunday

By Redwan Saleh ’13

As Hamilton students crowd around television sets all across campus, they are having wildly different reactions to the events taking place. Some are elated, some just broke the remote, and some are only here for the advertisements (thus, the breaking of the remote can be seen as a major plus). This is the beauty of the Super Bowl. It has something for everyone. There’s humor, sport, a musical act and, on most occasions, large quantities of food — just like here at the Sadove Student Center, where a sea of green, black and gold is augmented by a smattering of red, as in pizzas and hot wings.

As the game gets going, its varied appeal is evident in the viewing patterns of the audience. For example, there are exchanges of banter between diehards: “Hey guy, how many championships does Rodgers have again?” There’s the casual fan who cheers loudest after the whistle has been blown: “Yeah, commercials!” And then there are the multi-taskers who manage to do schoolwork on laptops while keeping an eye or an ear on the big screen.

No matter how they’re watching, Super Bowl XLV (that’s 45 for non-classics majors) proves to be quite the event. Green Bay and Pittsburgh fight closely for much of the game, but Aaron Rodgers and the Packers prevail in the fourth quarter to win 31-25. As confetti falls on the screen, the outcome is once again met with mixed reactions. Some cheer, some cry and others cringe at the thought of tomorrow’s early-morning lab. But hey, at least breakfast will come easy — who’s ready for some cold pizza?