Isaac S. Signor

Editor’s note:
The Hamilton College Archives does not have a printed copy of the Class of 1870 Half-Century Annalist’s Letter.  However, in the Hamilton College Bulletin for 1920, Commencement Number, Isaac S. Signor, Class of 1870, is given as the Half-Century Annalist, with a short description:  “Hon. Isaac S. Signor, 1870, read the Half-Century Letter, which was heard to the end with close attention.  It was an able and open-minded review of the period of 54 years since the Class of 1870 entered college, and a summary of the significant events, in the College and in the country at large, which the active life of the class had witnessed” (vol. 3, no. 4 (July, 1920), p. 18).

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