Albert R. Kessinger

Editor’s note:
The Hamilton College Archives does not have a printed copy of the Class of 1870 Half-Century Annalist’s Letter.  However, the Hamilton College Bulletin for 1938 describes the letter:

“Albert R. Kessinger ’88, the Half-Century Annalist, read a letter reminiscent of his undergraduate days. He spoke appreciatively of Professor Edward North who gave the Class of 1888 its motto. He described his Class as a group of enthusiastic young men who could always be counted upon to dispel pessimism. He referred to the compactness and intimacy of groups in the 1880’s, when College classes met as units in the classroom and when the association with members of the faculty was close and rewarding. He stated that, although the economic condition of the College was low, the fraternities were active in building new houses” [vol. 21, no. 4 (July, 1938), p. 23].

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