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Can I recycle plastic food and beverage containers?

Yes! Lids should be left on the containers but food and drink remains should be thrown in the trash first (it’s okay if there’s a small amount of leftovers on the container.)

Why can’t I recycle tissues, paper towels, napkins and toilet paper?

Due to sanitary reasons, these materials are considered hazardous materials and must be thrown in the trash. Although they cannot be recycled, all toilet paper and paper towels on campus contain postconsumer recycled content.

Can I recycle Ziploc bags or plastic bags?

Bring clean plastic bags to Beinecke (by the Mail Center package window) for recycling. Bags will be recycled via Hannaford Supermarket in Clinton.

Can I recycle pizza boxes, used paper plates, or paper cups?

Yes! Before placing these items in the recycling bin, empty any leftover food waste into the trash. 

Can I recycle Styrofoam? 

No. The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority will not recycle Styrofoam so it must be placed in the trash. 

What about batteries?

Alkaline batteries (like Duracell and Energizer) do not contain hazardous heavy metals and can be disposed of in the trash.  Non-alkaline batteries contain these metals and must be disposed of properly to avoid landfill and ground water contamination. You can recycle any non-alkaline rechargeable batteries from cameras, watches, computers, and phones at select locations.

Can I recycle magazines, newspapers, books?

Yes! Books should be donated before they are recycled and can be dropped off in the entrance of KJ or the Science Center.

What should I do with light bulbs?

CFLs contain a very small amount of mercury and they need to be disposed of safely and properly.  Hamilton collects and recycles CFLs.  On campus, please give your burned-out CFLs to a member of the custodial staff, who will place them in a designated universal waste collection area.  Faculty and staff should fill out an iService work order form.

For information on off-campus recycling of CFLs, please visit www.epa.gov/epaoswer/hazwaste/id/univwast/where/index.htm or contact your local municipal solid waste agency.

What about e-waste?

Place computers and other electronic waste beside any garbage can. Physical Plant custodians will collect and recycle e-waste.

My room doesn’t have a recycling bin. Where can I get one?

Send an email to the Recycling Task Force with your name and dorm name/room number! 

Where does my trash and recycling go when Physical Plant collects it?

All waste and recycling is brought to the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority in Utica. To learn more, check out the Authority's website.

How can I get involved in sustainability and recycling efforts at Hamilton?

Check out Hamilton’s various environmentally-conscious clubs and organizations here or send an email to the Recycling Task Force

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