Interdisciplinary Concentration

The Hamilton curriculum is about forging creative connections. If it doesn’t offer what you need, with faculty guidance you may design an interdisciplinary major that fits your needs precisely. Imagine the possibilities; say, for instance, Hispanic studies/women's studies/computer science or philosophy/mathematics/dance. It can happen at Hamilton.

Asad Javed ’15
Asad Javed '16

A student’s creation: a major and a feature film

His tentative psychology major hit the cutting-room floor when Asad Javed ’16 realized his calling was film. Hamilton College didn’t have a major that precisely fit what he wanted, so he went with interdisciplinary studies, which allows a determined student to create a major with faculty support. It also allowed Javed to create a full-length film. He did everything from writing the script to securing actors, equipment, camera people and locations.

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Jason Haas ’07 with President Obama
Jason Haas ’07 with President Obama

A graduate’s progress: activism and acting

Jason Haas ’07 built his own interdisciplinary major of communications and government and added a theatre minor into the mix. It’s easy to see a link between his interests at Hamilton College and his evolving career. Haas is a digital-media marketing consultant – and volunteer – for progressive organizations and socially responsible corporations. He still enjoys writing and acting for stage productions.

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