Senior Program

Coursework in American studies culminates in a unique interdisciplinary seminar, often team taught by professors in two different disciplines, on a special topic in American cultural life. Honors students in American studies complete a final project — usually a thesis, but creative work and field research projects are also possible — completed under the supervision of the program director.

Recent honors projects in American studies include:

  • Women in the Jurisdictional Web: Exploring Legal Protection of Indian American Women In the US, Tracing Responses, and Advocating for Future Endeavors for Justice
  • Unpacking Stereotypes: Corporate America’s Impact on the Homogenization of Rap Music
  • No American Left Behind: An Analysis of Women’s Access to Education in U.S. Correctional Facilities
  • “Almost Heaven?” Women and Food (In)Accessibility in Central Appalachia


Department Name

American Studies Program

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Seth Schermerhorn, Program Director

Office Location
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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