The Senior Program

The senior project in anthropology provides students the opportunity to conduct independent research under the direction of two departmental advisers. Students having an average of 88 in anthropology may become candidates for departmental honors by continuing their projects during the second semester of the senior year.

Recent projects in anthropology include:

  • The Construction of Racial/Social Inequalities at the Seeds of Peace
  • Situating Power in Space and Context: The Performative Practice of Power Negotiation Between Students and Workers at Hamilton College
  • The Hamilton College Experience: The Perpetuation of Socioeconomic Inequalities Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Ceramic Tableware from Central New York
  • Based & Redpilled: Defining the Online Left and Understanding Its Negotiation of Community and Structure
  • “Can I Pull You for a Chat?”: An Analysis of Mediatization in Online Discourse Communities Addressing Race Relations within Reality Television
  • Mobility, Hope, and Future Reimagined: College Experiences when COVID-19 Becomes the New Normality

Recent projects in archaeology include:

  • History of Home Health Care: Shifting Practices of Hygiene, Wellness, and Medicine in 18th-19th Century Central New York
  • Understanding the Evolution of Value of Near East Artifacts from Antiquity to Present
  • Identity through Ornamentation: An Iconographic
  • Subsistence and Space within an Historical Central New York Household
  • A Histological Investigation of Early Bronze Age Mortuary Practice in South-Western Transylvania


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Anthropology Department

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Chaise LaDousa, Chair

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198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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