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The Senior Program

The senior project in anthropology provides students the opportunity to conduct independent research under the direction of two departmental advisers. Students having an average of 88 in anthropology may become candidates for departmental honors by continuing their projects during the second semester of the senior year.

Recent projects in anthropology include:

  • Football vs Football: A Cultural Analysis of American Football and Association Football
  • Admitting ‘Authenticity’: A Discourse Analysis of the Student Community through the Lens of the Office of Admissions at a Liberal Arts School
  • Where Did You Get That Idea?  A Study on Gender Identity Through The Hidden and Published Curricula in Elementary Schools in Northern India and the United States
  • Check Your luggage and Your Privilege: Voluntourism in the Age of Social Media
  • Strategies to Support Immigrant Students in U.S. Public Schools: Teaching Identity, Culture and Confidence to English Language Learners
  • Unveiled: French State Institutions and Muslim Identity Formation
  • Policing and Police Subjectivity: An Ethnography of Police in a Northeastern City
  • Identity Puzzle and Cleft Habitus: The Intersection Between International Family Background and American College Life

Recent projects in archaeology include:

  • The geochemistry of housepit floors at the Slocan Narrows site: Household organization change through time
  • Lithic raw material and social landscapes: Mica lemented quartzite tools from Slocan Narrows, Upper Columbia area
  • Three-Dimensional Modeling in Archaeology: A Case Study from the Pacific Northwest
  • The Residential Organization of the Neopalatial Town of Gournia
  • Elemental Characterization of Quartzite Stone Discs from Slocan Narrows, Canada

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