The Senior Program

The centerpiece of the Senior Program in biochemistry/molecular biology is the senior project. Under the guidance of a professor, students conduct independent laboratory research and experimentation. For most students, the project involves two semesters of lab work, with several periods dedicated to writing a thesis and preparing for an oral presentation to departmental faculty and student peers. The senior thesis is a culmination of each student’s undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, research and discussion into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight.

Recent projects in biochemistry/molecular biology include:

  • Mechanisms of Spatiotemporal Gene Regulation in Drosophila
  • Studies Toward the Total Synthesis of Melokhanine A
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Disulfide Bond Formation
  • The origin of membrane vesicles in the Zea mays meiotic spindle
  • Tetrahymenia Digestion of E. coli
  • Effects of PFAS on DNA damage in aquatic turtles
  • Fishtrack Project: Using eDNA Water Samples to Classify Aquatic Organisms by Applying Computational Analysis
  • Novel pyridinium salt reagents for the synthesis of bioactive 2-aminopyridines
  • Zea maize Kinesin Facilitated Meiotic Drive
  • Analysis of Mniii/Feiii cofactor in Class lc RNRs
  • Investigation into Food Vacuoles in Tetrahymena thermophila
  • PaaA and PaaB Enzymology in the Biosynthesis of Pantocin A
  • Mapping Genealogy from the genus Paeonia by Designing Universal Primers
  • Investigating Meiotic Spindle Structure Using Electron Microscopy and 3D Modeling


Department Name

Biochemistry / Molecular Biology Program

Contact Name

Max Majireck, Program Director

Office Location
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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