Why Study Hebrew?

Hebrew is the language of modern Israel and the only ancient language to have been revived as a modern spoken language. Today Hebrew still serves as the language of Judaism and is also the official language of the state of Israel. Your study of Hebrew will help you better appreciate modern Jewish culture and the people living in Israel.

Did you know? Israel is a world leader in environmental research and high-tech industry.

Modern Hebrew is the main language of Israel, the Jewish state, one of the world's fastest-growing high-tech economies and a country constantly in the news. If you may be interested in research on the Middle East or simply working there, knowledge of Hebrew is invaluable.

Did you know? Jesus both spoke and read Hebrew!

Hebrew is the language of the Bible and a key to decoding Judeo-Christian civilization. Hebrew is the foundation of the New Testament. In fact, all of the original authors of the New Testament were Jews who spoke and read Hebrew (Acts 21:40, 22:2; John 5:2; Luke 23:28; Acts 15:13-21). Studying Hebrew will give you new insight into the meaning of the Old and New Testament writings.

Did you know? Hebrew was in a ‘Coma’ for 2000 years?

Hebrew is a unique phenomenon, the only known case of a mother tongue recreated after a coma of two millennia. Get a feel of how this happened and how an ancient tongue now talks computer-speak, basketball and baby talk.

Learning Hebrew at Hamilton College you will:

  • Work in small groups
  • Prepare for travel or study in Israel
  • Gain access and a deeper understanding of Israeli news media
  • Learn the many aspects of Israeli/Jewish culture and history
  • Gain skills relevant to concentrations in religion, Jewish studies, Middle East study and peace study
  • Achieve fluency in a language that is important to you not only for academic reasons

(Please note that Hebrew is not offered as a major or a minor at Hamilton)

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