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After Hamilton

  • Bilingual Literacy Tutor, AmeriCorps
  • Executive Director, City of Boston
  • Veterinary Student, Cornell University
  • Spanish Teacher, New York City Department of Education
  • Outreach Manager, Explorer Programs, National Geographic Society
  • Foreign Language Chair, Trinity-Pawling School
  • Executive Vice President/Chief Risk Officer, E*Trade Financial

Contact Information

Spanish Department

198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

A Sampling of Courses

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Playing—Introduction to Making Theatre: Theory and Practice 100FS

This is the gateway course for all theatre courses. This class combines the study of theatre and drama as it reflects, represents and interprets diverse cultures with a hands-on examination of how theatre is made. Through readings, lectures, discussions and projects the class will explore the ideas, strategies and languages of theatre (acting, directing, playwriting, designing) that theatre artists use to create contemporary theatrical performance. Oral Presentations.

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Introduction to Theatre Production 105FS

This will serve as a comprehensive introduction to theatre design and stage craft. Emphasizing hands-on learning experiences, complemented by small group lectures and discussions, the course will explore the fundamentals of stage design, projection design/technologies, set construction, scenic painting and stage and production management and delve into the technologies, tools and techniques used to create the visual world of performance. (Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning.) Maximum enrollment, 12. Larson. Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning.

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Out Loud 106S

Through the introduction of a variety of performance genres, this course develops oral communication, public speaking and public performance skills. Although no prior experience in performance or public speaking is expected, students will learn about and participate in such genres as storytelling, solo performance, hip-hop theatre, spoken word poetry, Sprechstimme and cabaret. Writer/performers to be studied/performed include Tim Miller, Karen Finley, Ntozake Shange, Danny Hoch, Sarah Jones and Bertolt Brecht.Not eligible for concentration credit. Oral Presentations.

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Collaborative playmaking: creating dynamic and original physical theatre 204S

Students will learn to work together towards a common artistic goal, using all elements of theatre to create performances. This interdisciplinary course will focus on how to create original devised pieces for the theatre using light, sound, movement, text, music and the visual arts. The student will learn techniques to create multi-disciplinary theatrical pieces as well as develop a critical vocabulary to analyze performances. Oral Presentations. Proseminar.

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Costume Design: History into Practice 216S

This studio-type course serves as an introduction to the theory and practice of costume design for theater, film and television. Through a series of lectures, demonstrations and projects students will explore various aspects of costume history and the costume design process. Specific attention will be given to fashion silhouettes and historical periods, as they relate to the assigned texts. Areas covered in the course will include, costume history, script analysis, textiles, life drawing and watercolor rendering.

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Outrageous Acts: Avant-Garde Theatre and Performance Art 236S

An examination of experimental art’s capacity to shock and to force us to recognize ourselves from new and unexpected perspectives. The historical, cultural and philosophical origins and influences, as well as exemplary works from the early avant-garde movements (1890-1940) and more contemporary avant-garde theatre and performance art (1950-1990). Discussion of the art, music, literature, theatre and film of Surrealism, Symbolism, Expressionism, Dada, Futurism, Constructivism, Epic, The Living Theatre, Grotowski, Monk, Wilson, Foreman, The Wooster Group, Hughes, Finley. Oral Presentations.

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