In 1969, the first year of the Hamilton Program in Washington, the capital was still a city “of Northern charm and Southern efficiency” as President John Kennedy described it some years earlier. As the program has matured, so has the capital, which is now a global center of culture, the arts, recreation and cosmopolitan diversity, and political power.

The Hamilton Program in Washington runs in the fall and spring semesters. Sixteen students live and work in Washington in a variety of internships including all three branches of government, think tanks, NGOs, non-profits, and lobbying and consulting firms. The students receive four credits based on two substantive classes from a Government Department professor who is resident director of the Program, and independent project, and the internship.

The student apartments are located in Woodley Park, one stop up the “Red Line” from Dupont Circle, and adjacent to Adams-Morgan and Rock Creek Park. Students enjoy numerous extra-curricular outings and interact with Hamilton’s large alumni diaspora.


Philip Klinkner

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