Charles Collett

Charles Collett
Charles Collett

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Taylor Science Center G051

Charles Collett's area of specialization is experimental low-temperature physics, currently focused on using electron spin resonance to characterize and manipulate molecular nanomagnets.

Collett recently completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at Amherst College, where he also taught introductory physics. Having graduated from Northwestern’s Teaching Certificate Program, Collett is committed to creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment. In addition to his scientific interests, he is an avid singer and looks forward to rejoining the Masterworks Chorale.

Recent Courses Taught

Classical Mechanics
Quantum Physics Lab

Select Publications

  • “Precision ESR Measurements of Transverse Anisotropy in the Single-molecule Magnet Ni4,” C.A. Collett, R.A. Allao Cassaro, J.R. Friedman, Phys. Rev. B 94, 220402(R) (2016).
  • “Observation of Tunneling-Assisted Highly Forbidden Single-Photon Transitions in a Ni4 Single-Molecule,” Magnet, Y. Chen, M.D. Ashkezari, C.A. Collett, R.A. Allao Cas­saro, F. Troiani, P.M. Lahti, J.R. Friedman, Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 187202 (2016). 
  • “Anisotropic Phases of Superfluid 3He in Compressed Aerogel,” J.l.A. Li, A.M. Zimmer­man, J. Pollanen, C.A. Collett, W.P. Halperin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 105302 (2015).
  • “Stability of Superfluid 3He-B in Compressed Aerogel,” J.I.A Li, AM. Zimmerman, J. Pol­lanen, C.A. Collett, W.J. Gannon, W.P. Halperin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 115303 (2014).
  • “The Superfluid Glass Phase of 3He-A,” J.l.A Li, J. Pollanen, AM. Zimmerman, C.A. Collett, W.J. Gannon, W.P. Halperin, Nature Physics 9, 775-779 (2013).

Appointed to the Faculty: 2017

Educational Background

Ph.D., Northwestern University
M.S., Northwestern University
B.S., Haverford College

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