Christopher Coscia

Christopher Coscia
Christopher Coscia

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Coscia’s research interests are in probabilistic combinatorics and graph theory, with a particular focus on combining geometry and randomness to attack problems stemming from political redistricting and gerrymandering. His other research interests include random permutations and their different limiting structures.

Coscia taught courses in calculus, probability, and abstract algebra at Dartmouth College, where he received his M.A. in mathematics in 2017, and his Ph.D. in 2020.

Recent Courses Taught

Calculus I
Calculus II

Select Publications

  • Online and random graph domination (w/ J. DeWitt, F. Yang, and Y. Zhang), DMTCS, 19(2) (2017).
  • Locally convex permutations and words (w/ J. DeWitt), Electronic J. Combin., 23(2) (2016).

Appointed to the Faculty: 2020

Educational Background

Ph. D., Dartmouth College
M.A., Dartmouth College
B.S., Boston College

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