Luisa Briones-Manzano

Luisa Briones-Manzano
Luisa Briones-Manzano

Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

Chrsitian A. Johnson 210

Luisa Briones-Manzano's research and teaching interests are Iberian literatures and cultures with a special emphasis on contemporary Spanish film and visual studies. She is particularly interested in exploring the development of Spanish identity (multicultural and gender aspects) through the relationship between literature and cinema and the ways in which film adaptations of literary texts reinterpret social, cultural, and political criticisms.

Briones-Manzano earned her bachelor’s degree in modern philology from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in Spain, her master’s in Hispanic studies from Bowling Green State University, and her doctorate in romance languages and literatures at Boston College.

Recent Courses Taught

Recovering a Lost Memory: Cultural Representations of the Spanish Civil War and its Aftermath
Journey into Spanish Cultures (issues of gender, stereotypes and immigration)
Introductory Study of Spanish Literature
The Generations of 1898 and 1927
Exploring Hispanic Text


Levitt Course Development Grant for development of courses on the theory and practice of social change, Hamilton College, 2017
Grant PRAGDA 2016
Certificate of Merit in Language Pedagogy given by the Hamilton College dean of faculty, 2008-09


Select Publications


  • La parodia quijotesca en el cine (under consideration)


  • "Idealizaciones y protestas políticas: la memoria histórica en Libertarias (1996) de Vicente Aranda." Memoria histórica y cine documental. Colección Film-Historia, núm. 18. Barcelona: Publicacions i Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 2015.
  • Los Quijotes de Gil, Gutiérrez Aragón, Welles y Gavaldón: nuevas aproximaciones teóricas.” Teoría y práctica de la adaptación. Ed. Barbara Zecchi. Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2012. 85-96.
  • “El papel de la mujer en La escopeta nacional (España, 1978): misoginia berlanguiana.” Romance Review Boston College XIV (Fall 2004): 46-55.


Translation contribution to Professor John Michalczyk’s documentary film I’m Claudia, which is about a deaf child in Nicaragua who becomes a teacher (summer, 2005).

College Service

  • Honor thesis advisor
  • Co-organizer for Spanish tutoring at Clinton Elementary School
  • Spring Alternative Break 2014 in San Ramón, Nicaragua
  • Advisor to first-year and students majoring in Spanish
  • Director and advisor for teaching assistants
  • Advisor to teaching fellows
  • Coordinator ACTFL exam
  • Advisor to the Spanish Club
  • Editor Encuentros (Bulletin of Hispanic Studies)

Professional Affiliations

Modern Languages Association (MLA)
Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)

Appointed to the Faculty: 2008-13; 2015

Educational Background

Ph.D., Boston College
M.A., Bowling Green State University
B.A., Complutense University

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