Naser Al Madi

Naser Al Madi
Naser Al Madi

Instructor of Computer Science

Taylor Science Center 2014

Naser Al Madi works on research in the field of human-computer interaction, focusing on integrating models of human cognition in computer systems to allow these systems to adapt to the needs of the user.

More specifically, Al Madi works on modeling eye movement during reading to estimate comprehension difficulty in real-time, thus allowing computers to take immediate action to aid the reading process. Understanding the strategies and processes applied by readers allows for better tools to enhance the productivity and quality of computer systems.

Al Madi earned his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Jordan and his master’s in computer science from Kent State University. During his time at Kent State, he worked as an instructor of computer science and a researcher in the multimedia lab.

In his free time, Al Madie enjoys playing flamenco guitar, building electronics, and participating in space- and aviation-related activities.

Research Interests

Human-computer interaction; eye-tracking; semantic computing; human-oriented software engineering

Select Publications

  • “Modeling Part-Of-Speech Effects on Semantic Construction.” Naser Al Madi, Javed Khan. 13th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing. IEEE, 2019.
  • “Constructing Semantic Networks of Comprehension from Eye-Movement During Reading.” Naser Al Madi, Javed Khan. 12th IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing, pp. 49-55, 2018.
  • “A comprehension-based framework for measuring semantic similarity.” Al Madi, Naser S., and Javed I. Khan. Computer Science and Education (ICCSE) pp. 236-240. IEEE, 2017.
  • “Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words? A Computational Investigation of The Modality Effect.” Al Madi, Naser S., and Javed I. Khan. Int. J. Computational Science and Engineering. Special Issue on: Next Generation Information and Communication Systems, 2017.
  • “Using text comprehension model for learning concepts, context, and topic of web content.” Ali, Ismael, Naser Al Madi, and Austin Melton. Semantic Computing (ICSC), pp. 101-104. IEEE, 2017. 
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  • “Measuring learning performance and cognitive activity during multi modal comprehension.” Al Madi, Naser S., and Javed I. Khan. Information and Communication Systems (ICICS), 2016 7th International Conference on, pp. 50-55. IEEE, 2016.
  • “Is learning by reading a book better than watching a movie? a computational analysis of semantic concept network growth during text and multimedia comprehension.” Al Madi, Naser S., and Javed I. Khan. Neural Networks (IJCNN), 2015 International Joint Conference on, pp. 1-8. IEEE, 2015. 
  • “PISC: A Portable Interactive Surface Computer.” Baddar, Sherenaz W. AI-Haj, and Naser Al Madi. JUSPN 3, no. 2: 41-46, 2011. 

Appointed to the Faculty: 2019

Educational Background

M.S., Kent State University
B.S., University of Jordan

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